Silver by Teresa

Silver, it's a passion...

My name is Teresa Legge and I want to share with you my passion for making handmade silver and sometimes copper, artisan jewellery. I hope you enjoy browsing my designs and that maybe one day I can make something special for you.

To buy my work please contact me by email.

A dilemma...

Is it just me, but when I am not constantly selling, I start to feel guilty about what to make next?  I would imagine I am like most people and am cautious about what I make with the materials I have.  I don't have the luxury of infinite resources and having just moved from the UK to Switzerland (super lucky I know), this has raised a whole other number of issues, namely even if I have the funds, I have no clue where to buy materials from yet.  (BTW,  any tips, hints or pointers in that direction would be very welcome please.)

I keep thinking, is it OK to make things that you yourself like/would like to wear?  My problem is I just don't know when to stop!